Lumberjack Coffee Co.

Single Origin × Hand Crafted


Just a guy with a beard who loves coffee.

Good coffee


Lumberjack Coffee Co. started in the garden shed of our home located in the middle of Colorado Springs.  As a 911 Dispatcher and a NICU Nurse by day (or by night depending on the week) we experienced a significant amount of terrible coffee.  We ingested anything that had a remote possibility of having caffeine in it just to stay awake, but we knew there was a better way.  We decided to start experimenting with coffees that were single origin and exceptional.  With both of us having stressful careers there was a longing for a delicious and energizing break even if it was just a sip of great coffee between tasks.  When we found out that coffee could be great, that it could have depth and complexity, we decided to share it with the world.

 And thats When Lumberjack Coffee Co. was born.  



Call or text: 719-686-4027